Wednesday, September 14, 2005

All you Canadians, brace yourselves, winter is coming

Jason darling, this one is for you in particular, Crowsnest Pass is north of Toronto in latitude, but not by much. Snow in September! What a treat!
Power still out for 100 after Crowsnest Pass snowfall
Last Updated Wed, 14 Sep 2005 06:20:52 EDT
CBC News
Power was restored to most of the residents of Crowsnest Pass Tuesday but 100 people were facing a fifth day without electricity. A September snowstorm had plunged the area's 3,600 residents into dark.
Tuesday night, rural residents still without power had to rely on candles and lanterns for light while others sought refuge at an emergency shelter at the Crowsnest Centre.
Downed power lines had forced many people from their homes, shut down schools, and convinced business owners to close early after more than 45 centimetres of snow fell in southwestern Alberta on the weekend.
Power was restored to most residents thanks to three emergency generators that were brought into the area Monday afternoon. Fortis Alberta, the company that supplies electricity to the area, had difficulty hooking up a fourth generator.
Crowsnest Pass, 260 kilometres southwest of Calgary, was hit particularly hard by Sunday's storm.
Hospitals in the area were forced to run off generators as volunteers scrambled to feed nursing home residents and erect shelters. At least 50 power poles were broken by the heavy, wet snow.


Jason said...

*thud* Jason slides off the chair in a dead faint.

Jennifer said...

Not to worry Jason, it's 25 degrees celsius in Toronto today. I wore a t-shirt to work.