Monday, September 19, 2005

Glad I don't work there any more

You know, I'm certainly not expecting anyone to try to attack Toronto any time soon, but still, I used to work in the Royal Trust Tower and I used to use St. Andrew station to get there every day, and I'm glad I no longer work in the building that is considered the most likely to be targetted in a terrorist attack. At least that building's emergency response system is pretty good. In all the years I've worked in those huge tall buildings, I've managed to be elsewhere every time my office has had to evacuate for a fire drill or any other kind of emergency. I don't fancy climbing down 50 or 70 stories in the shoes I wear to the office.
Sep. 19, 2005. 01:00 AM
Emergency services practise for TTC attack
It was when the men in radioactive suits appeared that Ryan Richardson realized the fear a real terrorist attack could create.
Richardson volunteered to be a victim of a subway terrorist hit — with baby powder substituting for radioactive material — when Toronto's emergency services gathered yesterday morning to practise their response to a strike on the financial district.
"If I put myself in the position of being a normal citizen, it was very frightening," said Richardson, a Humber College paramedic student, who simulated falling off the subway platform during an evacuation.
"I was carried back to the decontamination tent on a stretcher: that was an experience in itself, being carried back by four guys who looked like Martians."
Yesterday's $30,000 exercise involving 250 volunteers and emergency workers simulated a two-pronged attack against Toronto. Organized by Toronto police, along with the fire department, emergency medical services and the Toronto Transit Commission, it was an annual test of the capabilities of Toronto's Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Response Team.
"We have to practise training together," said Greg Stasyna, a Toronto police emergency planning officer. "I'd like to see major exercises like this once every four to six months."
The fictional attack started at the St. Andrew subway station with a second attack at the Royal Trust Tower, at King St. W. and Bay St.

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