Thursday, September 01, 2005

TTC changing for the better

I had noticed the new signs in all the stations saying "no pass-back" with pictures of the metropass, but I couldn't figure out what it was all about until I read this article this morning. Yay transferable metropass! Yay weekly metropass!
Shared Metropasses, new weekly passes start today
Starting today, TTC patrons can share their monthly Metropasses as well as purchase transferable weekly passes for the first time.
The TTC hopes the changes will attract about 4 million new riders a year. But the plan will cost the system $7.3 million per year in lost revenue.
Under the plan, only one person will be allowed to use a Metropass at a time. The price of the Metropass, which comes with free parking at TTC lots, is $98.75 for adults and $83.25 for seniors or students.
The new weekly pass will cost $30 for adults and $23.75 for students and seniors. It will have a swipe strip, like the Metropass, for use in turnstiles.


paul said...

from today's globe. it's a simpson's episode come to life. or the inspiration for one, rather. I guess...

Croaking frogs

Wildlife agents in France are trying to exterminate a plague of giant Californian bullfrogs, which are threatening to disrupt the ecology of several regions including the Gironde and Dordogne. Released as a joke 37 years ago, the aggressive and voracious amphibians -- which are inedible themselves -- eat other frogs, fish, lizards and even small birds. After trying several unsuccessful methods of extermination, including electrocution, nets and the draining of ponds, game-keepers settled upon hunting their quarry at night with rifles; the bullfrogs are easier to pick off after dark because their eyes reflect light.

Princess Pessimism said...

That's a BRILLIANT idea!!! And VERY handy for when people come to visit for a few days at a time. I'm sure Chris will LOVE this when he visits from the cruise ship!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mayor David Miller. Thank you Councillor Howard Moscoe.