Friday, October 07, 2005

Talk out your ass 101

I really didn't feel like going to class last night. I never feel like going to class, so it's no surprise. Anyway, I drag my ass over there, thinking, it's only two hours, I'll be away next week, the mid-term is coming up, I have to buckle down, that kind of stuff. I get to class and guess what we did? We got into groups and talked about the film we watched in class last week - well, let's be exact about this - everyone else got into groups and talked about what they were planning to do on the weekend or what they did last weekend and I organized my purse. Then we had an hour long classroom discussion about this movie.
I'm all for filler in classes, because every second the prof isn't talking is one less thing they could test you on in the exam, but an hour of listening to these douchebags was more than I could take. It's one thing if you spend the first half of the class doing stuff and then the prof tells you there's going to be discussion after the break - so you can just go home - but if it's first then you have to stick around in case there is something worth taking notes on in the second half. So I stick around, and update my To Do list in my agenda, think about things I need to do for my trip, stuff like that, we go for the break and when we come back the teacher annouces that we are watching another film. The film was hilarious a 1970s Richard Attenborough narrated half hour film reel on the Cargo Cults of Melanesia. It was excellent, but yet, I could have just watched it in the comfort of my own home. What ever happened to modern technology in the school environment. Couldn't the prof just burn us a DVD of all the movies they were going to show that term and put up a discussion forum on the class website along with the notes and anything else and just let us do it when it's convenient, not make us rush down there and skip dinner only to waste our time with pointless crap?

So, at the end of class, I'm having pangs of guilt about missing class next week, I'm thinking about trying to make nice with someone in class so I can photocopy the notes I'm going to miss. Then the prof announces that we are playing some sort of interactive classroom game and was so relieved, thinking, "Oh well never mind I wouldn't have gone anyway!"

I'm starting to come to the definite conclusion that I wasn't meant to be an arts student. I roll my eyes everytime someone uses the term discourse. Classroom discussions make me nautious. Maybe I'll go back and start from scratch with a science degree.


Princess Pessimism said...


You're an arts student??? What happened to biology??? I cant keep track anymore.

Jennifer said...

See, I'm so not an arts student that you didn't even know I was one!