Monday, October 03, 2005

Vacances! A Bientot!

If anyone wants a postcard from Paris, send your address to me via email. Also look out for some butchered French and Paris themed blog entries starting next week some time.


Jennifer said...

I hear the French are really into Organic Produce - but there they call it Bioloque.

I also hear they are really into McDonalds, but there they call the Quarter Pounder the Royale with Cheese.

I'll be testing both of those hypotheses next week.

sly said...

have beaucoup de fun! i'm so j!

meredith said...

Alor, un autre opportunaire pour le pratique de la francais anglophone!
Yep - I speak French on my resume you know!
Have a great trip,

Jennifer said...

I only speak German on my resume. Ach du lieber!
I'm thinking of claiming several more languages on my resume that no one will ever call me on - Irish, Bengali, Klingon, but I just don't have the balls yet.

paul said...

congratulations on your courageous decision! have you started fundraising for the hormone therapy yet?

Jennifer said...

Yes Paul and I'd like the first donation to be from you - if you don't have any money for me - how bout I just take your balls!

paul said...

just leave it to you jennifer to lower the tone like that. sigh.