Thursday, November 03, 2005

The light at the end of the tunnel

I just sent my temp agency an email saying that I've decided to quit my job because the cost of the repair to my teeth from all the tooth grinding would be greater than the amount I'd been paid. A little comic relief in these kinds of things can lighten the mood! Anyway, I just wanted to let them know first.
Now I just have to decide on the tone of my letter of resignation should I go with, "you suck" or "it's not you, it's me."?


Princess Pessimism said...

GO with....You dont think it's you, you think it's me....however, You suck!

sly said...

"i have not found this work experience to be rewarding. without substanitally improving the levels of communication, organization, and professionalism in this workplace, i anticipate your staffing problems for the receptionist position will be ongoing."

Px said...

i'm with PP
you could always borrow my idea (which i've used twice now) and write your resignation on company headed paper, that's always worth a laugh

paul said...

we're getting snow tonight!!!

Jennifer said...

Paul after a whole winter of Frederickton snow - you probably won't get that excited about it. But on the other hand if it snowed tonight here, I'd probably get pretty excited about it too.

Px, I'm pretty new at this, I didn't realize it was wrong to write your resignation letter on company letterhead. I did know that it's wrong to write it on a bar napkin at lunch time while getting drunk and then forget to go back to the office for the afternoon to deliver it, but that's what I was going to do anyway.
Sly, you're right, I should go with "you suck", but say it all professional like!

paul said...

oh, I'm not excited, as I don't have a shovel yet. but you had forbidden talk of winter, so I figured I'd shout it out.

I think it's better if you write your resignation letter on 'from the desk of' letterhead you stole from someone's office.