Tuesday, December 27, 2005

3 things

I was at the museum the other day and three neat things happened.
First Steve Carrel, the 40 year old virgin, came in to my gallery. At first I thought, my that man looks strikingly like Steve Carrel, then I saw him again when I was headed out on my break and became sure it was him.
So I went outside for my break and I saw a red-tailed hawk hunting pigeons in the air over Bloor St.
Then I walked past William Thorsell, the director of the museum, standing outside Pizza Hut drinking a coffee from a paper cup under a help-wanted sign. He was actually just watching the construction on the new part of the museum, but he's normally seen in much nicer environs.

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Princess Pessimism said...

I saw Queen Latifah today in Toronto....she's TALL!!!