Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm a bad Canadian and didn't watch the French one but...

Did anyone else feel that the moderator didn't give Jack Layton as much time as the others. She also just cut him off very coldly and shut off his mic whereas with Martin she interupted and then gave him a chance to finish after.
On the fashion side, I thought Harper was the best dressed, too bad about his ferretty head sticking out of his lovely ensemble. I hope he slips on ice while campaigning.
I think we should all write angry emails to whoever it was who organizes these debates so they don't treat Jack like that next time, because the next one is the one people are actually going to watch. It's very hard to look Primeministerial while someone is giving you no respect!

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Princess Pessimism said...

You know, some random surveryer called me and asked me to patricipate in a short survey. I agreed, because I know the percent of return on these things is really low. I digress.

The first question she asked was "how many dvd/vhs movies have you rented in the past month?" I say "None" *I buy them instead*

Next question "Who are you voting for in the upcoming election" I laugh...and every subsequent question was basd on politics. I bet it was those sneaky librals.