Monday, January 16, 2006

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. says go out and vote today!

Sly forwarded this to me regarding the election, keep in mind that there is an advanced poll today, so you can go out and vote early, and make sure you get your vote in.

The reason the Conservatives might win is that they've got the media in their pockets. We can get some of it back. Here's a suggestion:
I was recently contacted for a poll re: election trends. When asked which party I thought would win, I said the NDP. When asked which party I thought was gaining the most ground, I said NDP. Every time they asked me one of those "trends" questions, I gave it to the NDP. Why?Because these polls are what seem to shape Canadian voter habits, so change the facts where it matters. When you are asked to boost either Liberals or Conservatives, say NDP. When someone asks, "How can you say the NDP will win when all the polls say Liberal/Conservative?" say: "All my friends, colleagues, neighbours, programmers, professional colleagues, young people, old people, city-dwellers, country-dwellers, women, men, us of the coloured massive and those of the white persuasion, lesbians, gays, straights, transgendered people, bisexuals and their old-country grandparents, you name it, [i.e. insertappropriate demographic descriptor(s) here] etc., ALL TELL ME THEY AREVOTING NDP. So in truth, I disbelieve the polls when they say Conservatives, because all of my observations point to the NDP as the party on the rise." Get everybody you know to start doing this. It sounds a bit stupid, but it really really really works. It's how the Conservatives got ahead, for instance. It's called "spin", and we, too, can harness its power.**Notice how we're not even describing NDP or other party platforms. WE'RE JUST TALKING POPULARITY. Canadians like to vote with the winner. If they hear another horse has a shot, they might just bet on it.**I would advise your amigos of all stripes to do the same. Spread the word. And register. And vote, for the love of social justice, instead of just chinstroking and "critiquing" this time (you know who you are, armchair activists). Vote NDP on January 23rd, and help us move forward on our common dreams. Your country will thank you.

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