Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What a big surprise, I'm a weirdo

I've been tagged by PX to "write down 5 weird habits I have, then tag 5 people to do the same..."
1) As I just mentioned on Ashley's blog, I hate it when boys try to take control of my barbeque. Just because you have a penis doesn't mean that you have some special knowledge of cooking or fire. That's a really easy way to get on my bad side. If someone stands back and doesn't try to take control then I'll probably give them the tongs while I run into the kitchen to get something, but if they don't stand back I'll probably dislike them forever. The boyf never tried this BBQ BS on me, he's such a doll.
2) I like embarrassingly bad television shows, I watch a lot of very serious TV, but I'm just as likely to be watching total crap. Tonight I watched a TVO documentary on cheetahs and the show Cheaters. And yes, I am suitably ashamed of myself.
3) I'm obsessed with not catching STDs. I am probably the lowest risk person in the universe outside of nuns, but I still think about it and read up on it all the time. If I could get away with wearing a bio-hazard suit during sex, I would. At my annual physical I asked my doctor to test me for HepC, she said, have you had sex with a sex worker or IV drug user? I said, "No." She said, "Then you don't need the test." I said, "Um I meant yes." (But really mom, the answer is no, and besides HepC is really hard to catch through intercourse, it's a lot easier to get through tattooing needles and IV drug use... which takes me to my next quirk...)
4) "The skin is the first line of defence against infection." I say this alot, I really feel this way. PX, you won't want to hear this, but I think tattoos and piercings are a bad idea. Lots or all of my friends have tattoos or piercings, even the boyf had one when I met him (and it was rejected by his body and not me). But my whole arguement was really proven by a friend who always groaned when I said my signature line, when he asked me why I thought his tattoo always itched him. I said, are you allergic to anything? He said, yeah, metal. I said, perhaps you should have checked into tattoo inks a bit before you got tattooed because many of them have metal in them. He had had no idea, now he's stuck with an itchy tattoo forever.
5) It's lucky I'm such a weirdo or this would be hard. Lastly, a list of my odder crushes:
-First and foremost, I have a crush on the mayor of Toronto. He's so cute, he's got great politics, great hair.... his wife is a lucky lady.
-Prince Albert of Monaco, what a cutie, and he's an olympian, I had to re-evaluate the whole thing when I found out he was straight, but I'm still liking the guy
-King Norodom Sihamoni of Cambodia, what a cutie, a former balerino and he supports gay marriage, besides I think I'd really like Cambodia.
Yeah, I like Brad Pitt and his crowd just fine, and I'm not only interested in men in public office and royalty, but my celebrity crushes tend to lean away fro Hollywood types and more into the public sphere.

I'm not going to tag anyone, participate if you wish.


Px said...

lol @ the guy with the itchy tattoo
i'm sensible and i checked everything out before i had mine, including the tattoo ink, the sterilization procedure and all that type of stuff. i even went so far as researching the guy who did it...

Jennifer said...

good man PX, it's not something to enter into blindly or lightly that's for sure.

Sdit. said...

I really hate to admit it but i like watching People's court...You cant beat that!

Jennifer said...

Oh man, I can't beat that, does Judge Wopner still run that show or is he dead?

Miss Ash said...

I just burst out laughing at work at your Bio Hazzard suit comment and the whole STD comment. I know how you feel about that and i agree with you, but it gave me a good giggle.