Tuesday, February 21, 2006

In The News Today....

We get a stack of papers delivered each day, and I have to collect them all, and make sure we got everything and then distribute them to the folks with subscriptions. The problem is that every day so far we've either been short papers or they've been taken before I got there. On two days people took papers they weren't entitled to off my desk while I was distributing.
I decided to get on top of the whole thing, I even put together a little check list so I could keep track of the whole thing because it's such a damned pain in the rear. And started sending curt emails to the whole office to tell them to stop stealing papers or I'd hunt them down.
So today I come in, collect all the papers, check them, and I have every single one. I'm thinking, considering all the other things that went wrong this morning, (like I forgot to get a transfer and ended up having to pay twice for my ride to work!) that this is damn near a miracle.
At that moment my boss walks in with her pal the head of HR, I announce that for the first time ever we got all the papers and I won't have to call the delivery guy or stiff anyone on their subscription. They say, oh great, blah blah and then as I'm standing there they look through the papers and take one for themselves even though neither of them is entitled to one.
They say that the best way to prolong a good mood is not to tell anyone, next time I'm going to keep my newspaper victories to myself.

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Trib said...

Very unprofessional. They would probably be an exception, but a lot of places will fire people over stuff like that.