Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Office

I've been at this new job since Thursday as a temp. I think they like me, the cute Fedex guy tells me that I'm much more on the ball than the last receptionist. I like it here fine, the job starts a bit early in the morning for my taste, and it's a bit of a trek to get down here, but the people are nice and it's relatively low stress and a pretty laid back office in most respects.
They've had a couple of new hires start since I've been here, which I imagine is why they've put out a new phone list for the office, and I know that they are really particular about not putting freelancers or contract people on the phone list. So imagine my surprise as a temp that they added me to the phone list. Does that mean that they want to keep me forever and ever? Do they love me? I'm not going to change my whole view of this place just because of that one thing, but it's kind of nice to be in there with everyone else.
On the other hand, if they start to get mean or crusty or go all office politics around here, I'm going to quit so fast they'll have to Fedex me my coat. As I've said before, I'm over office work.


Miss Ash said...

Yeah i thought you had given up on office work. A job is a job however. I still think you should give your fantasty man my #, you have a boyfriend....share the wealth LOL.

And you never gave me advice about eyebrows, i don't know what to do.

yrautca said...

I find myself always having a crush on the temp. For some reason whomever they hire as a temp, I find very attractive. Of course she has to be fat. Hence Jennifer I think you will make a very nice temp in our office.

berly02 said...

They do love you and want you to stay forever.
But do keep that fedex label handy, made out with your address and all, just in case.