Friday, February 10, 2006

Racist Driver

I was really tired this morning so I slept in and took a cab to work, resolving that I would not do this any day next week. It's such a waste of money for an extra half hour of sleep.
Anyway, so I hail a cab, get in and the driver starts talking to me even though I'm obviously not in the mood. I just grunted in response. Then about a block from the office another driver did something my cabbie didn't like and he said that the driver must be Chinese.
What the fuck? In the passenger's bill of rights posted in the cab it says I'm entitled to a silent ride if I wish, but shouldn't I also be entitled to a ride free of racial slurs?
I didn't tip him, I put my hand out for my change. Then I stewed about it for a while. Then I thought I'd call to complain and not incriminate the cab driver directly, but now I'm feeling like I'm going to tell them who it was to the best of my ability.
Racist asshole.
It's too bad, every cab I've taken all week the driver has been awesome and hilarious.


Miss Ash said...

I'm actually quite surprised you did not say something to him directly. You must have been tired.

yrautca said...

so wrong of that cabbie. Only Chinese women are poor drivers, and he just generalized. That cabbie was totally mistaken ;)

Jennifer said...

You're lovely, Yrautca.
Ash, I called the company and they were very apologetic, but since I failed to take down the car number, there wasn't really anything they could do.