Monday, March 13, 2006

George stomping

Here's part of an article from The Toronto Star, regarding the new right-wing government in Canada and how happy the Americans are about it. They may be right that the new government is more pro-American than the last - but to that misguided Republican staffer - I'd like you to know, that I am right now, and always will be stomping my George Bush doll - I'm doing it right now. Maybe I'll post a video of it. Maybe I'll call Carolyn Parrish and we can tape ourselves doing it together. Or - hey this is a great idea - let's see if we can get the Guiness Book of Records guys out and set a record for most people stomping a George Bush doll at the same time in the same place, and then other countries could see if they could beat us! That idea is gold! Who's with me?

WASHINGTON—When Michael Wilson arrives in his Pennsylvania Avenue office here today, Ottawa's new ambassador will find Canada suddenly has more friends than it has had in the recent past.
A new alliance of Republicans and Democrats, calling itself the Congressional Friends of Canada, has formed, already boasting 39 members before it has had its official coming-out party.
The move in the U.S. Congress is seen here as a nod to the new government of Conservative Stephen Harper and the expectation that relations will take on a distinctly different tone after some downright chilly times under successive Liberal governments.
"You don't have anyone up there stomping on George Bush dolls any more," said one Republican staffer who is involved in the planning.

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Miss Ash said...

I'll join the stomping.