Thursday, March 16, 2006

The skin is the first line of defense against infection...

Piercing caused toxic shock, coroner says
Mar. 16, 2006. 01:36 PM

ST. JOHN'S — Newfoundland's chief medical examiner has determined the sudden death of a teenage girl in St. John's last week, was due to toxic shock syndrome caused by a piercing.
Dr. Simon Avis says the primary infection site was the location of a breast piercing.
Avis says the piercing was done about a week before the 17-year-old died.
He says the teen had reported some discomfort to her friends a few days prior to becoming acutely ill.
Avis says the piercing was done in a "private setting", but an investigation concluded it conformed to industry standards.
However, he warns that if the piercing becomes infected, painful, red, swollen, or makes a person feel unwell, they should see a doctor.


Miss Ash said...

Well hopefully i've gotten all of my piercings out of the way, now that i'm close to 30....meh we'll see.

Trib said...

oooh, staph.

Px said...

never had any trouble with any of mine