Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Thinking outside the box

Prostitutes retrain as geriatric nurses
Prostitutes in Germany are being given the chance to retrain as geriatric nurses.

About 30 prostitutes, aged 20 to 40, are to take up a two-year training course for auxiliary nurses in North Rhine Westphalia, reports the Telegraph.

The scheme, funded by the church and the EU, is aimed at easing a chronic shortfall in nurses as well as offering an alternative to prostitutes.

One trainee, Angelika, who is in her late 30s and worked in Bochum as a prostitute for six years said she had found the transition very smooth: "I'm feeling good," she said.

Rita Kühn, of the protestant church's welfare programme, said: "They are in general very good at dealing with people, in addition to which they don't get squeamish and have absolutely no fear about touching or being touched."


Miss Ash said...

This is brilliant. It's true the women would be great in dealing with various personalities, they've seen it all and have been through a lot.

Trib said...

Think outside the box... clever.

Princess Pessimism said...

This is wonderful....some women turn to prostitution becuase of a lack of alternatives. This is an alternative, AND is helping fill jobs that are needed desperately.

Jennifer said...

Whatever do you mean! I'd never make a thinly disguised crude pun on my blog.