Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy HNT

I know it's not really in the spirit of HNT, since I'm not half naked, but hey, I don't like too much nudity, so you can take what you get! So far, I'm having a shitty day. I thought there was going to be a fight on the streetcar on the way to work. I thought I turned off the alarm when I got up, but it would appear that I just snoozed it - so 9 minutes later I'm in the toilet and it starts to go off again - that's not a move that will win you relationship points. And my biggest loser results this week were not inspiring. I just feel drained, wrung out, I'm having some caffeine right now, hopefully that improves the situation.


Miss Ash said...

I love that picture :)

Just look at it today and go back in your mind to Japan, will brighten your day for sure.

Steph's band i think plays punk type of music...would you be interested in going? Not sure what to do yet....

Jennifer said...

Yeah, that was an amazing day, and the pain of those tabi (fitted socks) and the sandals between my toes was way less than the pain in my knee now.
I'm so crabby.
Which night is Steph's band playing? Aaron's playing on Saturday, but it's a really early show and it's free, so either way I'm sure you could make both if you were interested. I'm going. It's going to be videotaped - and not just by me, thank the lord, my knee was so stiff after all the crouching I did last show to get good pictures.

Miss Ash said...

Steph's playing on Friday night at 12:30am, apparently there are four bands in total. I'm pretty sure he said he could put me + one on the guest list. I've yet to hear him play so i'm not promising it will be good LOL. Probably loud and noisy :)

Jennifer said...

Well, not paying makes a big difference in how good a friend's band has to be for me to go to the effort of getting out to see them.
The Elmo is an OK venue.
For those of you who don't know, it's a bar, full name - El Mocambo, that's been around forever, U2 has played there, The Doors and tonnes of other famous bands. It's under new management now, and much less of a dive than it used to be, but it's still OK.

Px said... atcually posted a "real" post
and with a picture
i'm making up for your lack of nekkidness i think

Trib said...

I'm trying to help out too. I'm topless.

Jennifer said...

PX, I'm sure everyone deeply enjoyed hearing me bitch about my general state, I can't wait to see your pic.

Trib, I'm headed around to see all your exposed skin too.

yrautca said...

Wow, is that really you? A Geisha? You dont look fat at all. I might not find you very attractive anymore. You are rather thin. I feel cheated.

Princess Pessimism said...

I still have that picture on my fridge