Monday, May 01, 2006

Procrastinators of the world unite

It's income tax day in Canada today. Have you done your taxes? They have to be postmarked by midnight tonight!
And lucky me, I'm working at a non-profit/charity today and everyone and his uncle are calling about their tax receipts - isn't it a bit late to be doing that, since you still have to get the receipt and do your calculations based on the amount. But I'm getting a zillion calls, "I just wanted to check that you guys have my address right because I haven't gotten my tax receipt yet." Yet? Dude, they sent them out ages ago. Today is the day you are following up on this? Sheesh. Whenever I'm the last-minute-guy, I, at least, have the grace to be apologetic or sheepish about it.

In other news, I'm starting to get really excited about Vegas. PP, has rented the car for our outing to the Grand Canyon, I've got some good recommendations of stuff to do. And ... I've been booked to work till the day before the trip and again the day after the trip. Bastards! You'd think, based on all my complaining, that I'd have wormed out of it. But I just couldn't do it. I feel like a sucker. I guess I'll just go in the Monday after the trip with eyeballs painted on my eyelids and see what I can do to fool people into thinking I'm not asleep at my desk.


Princess Pessimism said...

OHHH im so fucking pissed about my taxes....You have NO idea. In the states, I guess they didnt take off enough, and I owe quite a bit. BOOO

Miss Ash said...

I completed my taxes a month ago :)

As for the GC i'm very excited to go and take a gander. Too bad we do not have enough time to hike down to the bottom and bask in the lovely time.

I'm going to have to do some research as to what i want to check out. I would love to see "O" but it's pricey and probably sold out. Dawn wanted to eat at the Harley Davidson cafe as they have good food, and a friend of mine mentioned some place called In and Out burger....not sure if they have anything veggie though.

I'll also ask Dave what's good, he's been to Vegas and loved it.

paul said...

well, I now have the last piece of paper to complete my 2003 taxes, so I'll get around to doing three years' worth ... at some point. I'm pretty sure they owe me money so this isn't a problem. this year I'll be fucked though (now at four full months of employment without taxes taken off. saving is for sissies.)

and Jenny, just remember that everyone who calls in complaining about not getting their tax receipt threw out the envelope it was in thinking it was another request for money...

Jennifer said...

Paul, you're so right, that's exactly what happened to all the tax receipts!

Maybe you could hang onto your refunds and put them towards your taxes for next year? Or is that a sissy thing to do?
Why doesn't your employer deduct the taxes for you? Do they hate you? Do they want you to have to turn to armed robbery or declare personal bankruptcy next spring?

Trib said...

Let's unite tomorrow.

Princess Pessimism said...

LOL @ Trib....AWWW...that joke is funny.

I knew Ash would be in for the GC...dont forget to pack the book that I gave you. And as for the waterfalls, we couldnt do that now anyway, apparently, the north tip trails are not open until the end of may...they wont be open when we're there...which makes me feel better...sort of

Princess Pessimism said...


Why does your word verification have a wheelchair symbol beside it?

Miss Ash said...

PP, she's inclusive of everyone of course LOL

meredith said...

I'm assuming your lovely roommate isn't also going to Vegas with you? So sad to miss your NYC visit, by the way.

Jennifer said...

Trib, that was cute.
PP and Ash, I don't know if I'd be prepared to undertake a two day hike with you two anyway. PP, if you fell and cracked your ankle, I'd feel bad leaving you to the coyotes, but Ash would be too lazy to help me carry you back to the top.
Mer, the A-dog is sitting this one out, too bad too, I think he'd be pretty fun to go to Vegas with since he knows the city like the back of his hand.
Ash, I hear In and Out burger is the place to go, so count me in for that outting.
PP, I think that wheelchair thing is in case you can't read the word verification. I'll try clicking on it and see what happens.
Oh, I don't have speakers at work, but I think it says the word verification out loud for you.

paul said...

no!! way cooler!! it plays a series of numbers (with white noise in the background for some reason and in different voices) and if you type in the numbers the verification works. fuckin' a!