Saturday, August 19, 2006

Friday night in Little Italy

What does it mean when you get change from a cab driver and it's wet?
That sums up the later portion of my Friday evening.
On my way home from being out at a house party and a break-dancing AIDS fundraiser, I walked past a guy stealing a bike, a moral quandary for me, especially since my dude had his brand new bike stolen from in front of our building a month ago. I walked past a lot of public urination, at least these boys were apologetic, unlike the bike thief. I walked past a lot of street harassment, which is to be expected, I suppose, considering the neighbourhood and the time of day. I walked past the usual amount of prostitution, but that's no big surprise. Then I decided to hop a cab for the last few blocks because my gorgeous shoes were no longer as comfortable as they'd been when I set out.
You would imagine that the cab would be much more comfortable than hoofing it home with the sweaty masses, but wet change? Really? I imagine that it was water that made the change wet, and I know many cabbies keep their change in the cup holder of the car, but was he keeping it in his actual beverage? No amount of handwashing makes that dirty feeling go away.


Princess Pessimism said...

I think this is my most favorite post youve ever written...I dont know why.

Trib said...

Considering all the possible fluids it could be coated in... water. Let's go with water.

Miss Ash said...

Perhaps he was one of the urinating bunch and then hopped back in his cab and gave you a lift.


He was watching the sex trade workers, had a little "alone time" in his cab, then gave you a lift.

Scott said...

At least it was water... ewwww. Sounds like an interesting night, oh and Damn the Bike Thieves!