Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm back

Sorry for the AWOL routine, my computer keyboard broke and so I could only click around and read stuff. I finally sorted that stuff out, but now I'm going away for the long weekend (above is the picture of where I'm going).
So, I'll make this entry quick, and reply to comments later. I had the weirdest dream the other night. I dreamed that there had been a huge war and that the area around my building was totally destroyed. Then the French were coming to take some kind of banner from me (like the ones the teams give eachother in the World Cup). The French arrive in my apartment and one of them is Corporal Klinger from MASH. I fight them out onto the balcony and then I bite their fingers till the bones crunch and then I throw them off the balcony. Klinger was still twitching when I looked over the railing. I love Klinger on MASH, he's one of my favourite characters, and MASH is one of my favourite shows.
The sensation of crushing finger bones with my teeth is still with me. I'm kind of creeped out. What do you guys think it means?
Have an awesome weekend, see you next week.


Trib said...

That you hate the french enough that you'll put up with the creepiness of biting through their fingers.
Have a good long weekend!

Scott said...

Damn French!! They are always messing with us.

Have a great weekend and week.


Princess Pessimism said...

Actually, I looked up bits of your dream...

It said that you put too much pressure on people, or have been *the biting*, and to lighten up.

It said that you are wanting to be seen more and noticed more often *the balcony*

And as for says that dreams where you kill someone often come in times of depression, but could also mean that you are killing an old habit of yours, and trying to get rid of something out of your life. could just mean that you ate too late, and had a fucked up dream that means nothing.

Miss Ash said...

It means that you are weird :)

yrautca said...

It means you are Jenni Hannibal. This is no surprise to me. Sometimes when I am writing comments on your blog it feels as if you are biting off my fingers to the bone ;)

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I've been bummed lately, and I do put too much pressure on people. And yes, I do bite people's heads off as well as their fingers.
But, I love the French, especially their onion soup, crepes, sugar pie, escargots. I'm hungry.