Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Burka-style hospital gowns help patients to cover up

I'm all for offering choices to make people more comfortable, and I have never understood why those hospital gowns have to be so brief, and I'd sure as heck ask for the head to toe hospital gowns if they were available here. But here's what I don't get, why didn't they do this before, how come they didn't do this to be sensitive to me, and the rest of the non-denominational types, who just don't want their ass hanging out the back of their outfit? How come hospitals and other organizations are only sensitive to religious groups? Do I have to start my own religion to get what I want? If so, then I'm going to start a religion that requires services to be offered that allow my adherents to be as modest as the want, also we need for food options to be available that don't contain any of the things we are allergic to, or don't like, and it's one of our commandments that abortions should be freely available to us. I'll hammer out the rest of the commandments later.

Tue, 05 Sep 2006

Head-to-toe hospital gowns will be offered to patients whose culture or religion requires more modest clothing than the traditional, drafty design, two British hospitals announced Tuesday.

A staff member at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals in northwestern England designed the full-length gowns.

"I noticed a gap in the market and thought that it would be great if there was a gown that helped to preserve a patient's modesty," said Karen Jacob, linen services manager for the hospital's trust foundation, which designed the product.

The trust runs two hospitals, the Royal Preston, and the Chorley and South Ribble, where the gowns will be available starting Nov. 1.

The feedback from patients has been positive, said Jacob, and other hospitals have said they want to stock the Inter-Faith gown.

Muslim women can adjust the gown to show their faces or only the eyeline, she added.

Other manufacturers are designing longer hospital gowns with privacy in mind, while also eliminating steel snaps that interfere with X-ray or MRI machines.


Princess Pessimism said...

This is a marvelous idea...for EVERYONE. However, I thought we were going to start our own religion. Remember? We had all these grandiose plans...but to be perfectly honest, I forgot about them....until now. The Church of St. Pessimism is back on track...full force.

Miss Ash said...

I agree it's a great idea, but should be offered to all who request it regardless of culture or religion. I'd rather forgot some things i've seen in hospitals wandering around swinging this way and that.

Trib said...

WTF?! They're patients not people! Next they're going to want us to treat them with respect...

Scott said...

I kind of like my ass hanging out... it is one of the only perks of going to the hospital. The man thong always shocks...hahahaah.


tokyo tintin said...

if your religion places heavy restrictions on waking up before nine, or working on friday afternoon, i'm definitely in!

Lisa said...

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