Monday, October 09, 2006

You're always a kid to your parents

Happy to my homeboys.
I was at Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's house last night. Delicious. But something that happened last night made me giggle. I showed up a little early with my mom because she was driving me and my aunt asked her to come early to help.
My mom and I set about making ourselves useful when we got there. And after having these holiday meals for years, everyone falls into their usual rolls. I usually arrange the cheese tray, open wine, make the ready-for-the-oven rolls, and heat up gravy from a package. Not the glory jobs, but they still need to get done. I don't mind doing the same stuff towards thanksgiving dinner that I did when I was twelve. But then, when I said I was finished making the gravy, my mom asked me if I had heated it till it bubbled. This was gravy from a pouch, there were two instructions, combine water and gravy powder and heat until it bubbles. I said, 'Mom, I'm almost thirty, I can make the gravy by myself."
I know that it's hard to see the person you gave birth to as a grown up, and I know my mother wasn't questioning my ability to follow simple rules, but I guess it's just those holiday meals that remind us that for most people, until you get married or have kids of your own, you're probably going to stay relegated to the children's table.
Now, it's Monday, and I'm off to have my very grown-up Thanksgiving dinner with my boyfriend, KFC and maybe a movie rental.


sly said...

very cute. for my thanksgiving, i splurged on a tall pumpkin-spiced latte from starbucks for the ridiculous price of about 7 francs, or close to $7. it was tasty, but certainly no pumpkin pie.

Anonymous said...

Get used to it young lady. Gracie was doing it right up until the end and that's aged 90 plus!

Miss Ash said...

ohhh sly i have to get me one of those, they are so tasty.

My mother still gives me directions, more of the "don't fight in the car with your sister when your grandmother is there"

Princess Pessimism said... mother still reminds me to drive slowly and watch out for other people. Not to drink if im driving, and call if im going to be out late (at least she has stopped calling me a million times per night if I dont come home by 10pm...) We will always be their children, and they will always treat us as such.