Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The man of my dreams

It turns out it's Ethan Hawke. Who knew? I've always thought he was cute, but, the other night I had one of the strangest and most vivid dreams of my life and it featured none other than Ethan Hawke, I haven't watched any of his movies lately, I read his first novel in the summer, but that was ages ago.


Jennifer said...

I didn't post this so that everyone could make a bunch of disgusting comments about the content of the dream, remember that my mom could read this - Yrautca, I'm looking at you while I'm saying this, keep it G-rated please!

tokyo tintin said...


We already know you'd have filthy dreams about Ethan Hawke. It's implicit.

I had a dream last night were P and Jase and I were staying in a weird hotel in Africa and we had to get out because bas stuff was going down à la Khmer Rouge. Très weird.

yrautca said...

Uma Thurman reject.

Hi, Jennifer's mom!

And by the by, I am the most decent guy on bloggy land. You happen to just not like me.

Miss Ash said...

The last dream i recall i was late for my gyno appointment and couldn't decide if i should just go or if i should shower first. I opted to shower first and then woke up phew!!

Jennifer said...

Ash, that's a no brainer.
TT, I know you have filthy dreams about P and Jase!
Yrautca... never mind.