Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Very Good, Not Bad, Fabulous Day

Well, when I got out of bed yesterday, I dragged my ass a bit. I'd promised to go and knock on doors to get people out to vote in the municipal election. You just can't underestimate how much people hate having someone knock on their door. I hate it too, I understand, but if you don't want me at our door, then vote at the advance polls or right when you get up in the morning on election day.
So, I didn't feel like heading out, I took a bath, wondered if I'd get a call back about the job interview I had the day after I got back from Africa. Sat around with wet hair for a few minutes. And then the phone rang. I got that job.
Then I headed out to knock on doors. It wasn't great, but it was way better than last time.
Then I went to Canadian Tire to try to buy pads for skating practice tonight, griping about how they wouldn't have them because they are out of season. They actually had a set for 30 bucks.
Then I got word that practice was going to be a meeting instead, and it turned into beer and dinner and a very pleasant evening. On the way home, I found a valid TTC day pass lying on the ground.
I headed home, ordered some celebratory takeout with the dude, and watched the election results. My favourite mayor in the world won, and so did the councillor I was doing election day work for.
A very satisfying day.


Miss Ash said...

Congrats on the job!!! That does sound like a great day.

I on the other hand feel horrid. I have a terrible cold and have been spending my days in bed drinking tea and eating soup when not slaving away at work ... there was actually less work to do than i figured when i got back woo hoo!!

Miss Ash said...
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paul said...

you know, you volunteered, you could have gone to the victory party! those can be fun, and often you can get a few drink tickets (I always give mine away as thanks to volunteers, for instance).

and pulling vote on election day is the best time to be knocking on doors! it's fun!


Princess Pessimism said...


Wait....didnt you find a TTC pass on the ground preiously? Hm....the TTC gods want you to have free passes.

I have had an unsatisfying day so far. I called a school to do volunteer, they have not called me back. I called again, they did not call me back again. Assholes. THEN I wanted Subway really bad. I changed my destination and went to quiznos. It was horrible...I should have stuck to what I wanted originally.

Jennifer said...

My streak continues with another lovely day today.
Paul, I would have gone to the victory party, but I had somewhere else to go first, so I recorded the election coverage and watched it late, after I got home.
Actually, it took me a good half hour or 45 minutes between the time I got home and I actually got enough peace to watch the show. I finally did all the stuff I had to do first. And, then, I double checked that nothing would interupt. I turned on the recording and in the first 5 seconds they declared Miller's win and the boyfriend came out of his room and started trying to talk to me over the announcement. Bah!
PP, I did find a ttc pass before, but that was a monthly pass with a week left on it, this was a day pass, so not as exciting. I'm contemplating buying a metropass for myself for next month, decadent, I know, but I think it would be really nice.

Scott said...

Just curious... how exactly is D Miller your favourite mayor ever? What is it that you love about him? And how can you favour him over Mel... lol...