Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thanks to Blogger Beta, Word Verification is a thing of the past!

Yes kids, I know no one likes blogger beta, but, now that I have some new features to track down and get rid of spam, I've gotten rid of the word verification, we'll see how the new set-up works and hopefully none of you will have to type qqxzixxy after your comments any more.


Anonymous said...

Everyone always bitches about my word verification...i don't blame them. Let me know if it actually works and maybe just maybe i'll make the switch. This year is not over yet and i really should be following my resolution to "step out of the box."

Miss Ash

Jennifer said...

I was OK with deleting spam as it was left on my current post, but when I started to realize that it was being posted in old posts in my blog that I turned my word verification back on. Now when the comments go up, it's emailed to me and it says which post it's from so I can find it and delete it.
So, I'm pretty sure that it will work beautifully, as long as I have my blog set to email the comments to me.

Px said...

so yo've switched then


Anonymous said...

PP says:

This is wonderful, and I think i've learned a thing or two about beating blogger beta myself....we'll see what happens when I try to post this comment.

Dinner was awesome last night!! So good to see you.