Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Help Carrie with her betting problem!

I was at a birthday dinner for my little bro last night and my big bro's lady mentioned to me that she had a problem. She's in an Amazing Race pool and has to pick the top five teams in order.
I decided to attempt to harness the power of the internet for her benefit, and thus, I'm turning the question over to you. Out of the contestants for the Amazing Race All-Stars, tell us who you think will be the top 5 and who you think will win, and what order you think they rest will go out, and why.
For a little background wikipedia has a good entry on it, in case you missed any seasons.

Amazing Race 1
Amazing Race 2
Amazing Race 3
Amazing Race 4
Amazing Race 5
Amazing Race 6
Amazing Race 7
Amazing Race 8
Amazing Race 9
Amazing Race 10

I personally missed the first one. CBS, please! Please! DVDs! Don't you want to make money? I want to watch Kevin and Drew abuse eachother verbally in it's entirity not just clips every once in a while.
I know Tokyo Tintin will be reluctant to participate in this one because he spits on the Amazing Race All-Stars for excluding our beloved Hippies, Tyler and BJ, but help a fellow reality TV junkie out!


Miss Ash said...

1)Dustin and Kandice
2)Rob and Amber
3)Uchenna and Joyce
4)Eric and Danielle
5)Joe and Bill

I can't wait to see Kevin and Drew too!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jennifer. I will let you know if I win. Carrie

tokyo tintin said...

i actually missed all the earlier seasons being in japan. i guess i'm rooting fore uchenna-joyce, oswald-danny and dustin-kandice because they are the most likeable people that i know.

i hope romber are eliminated and end up getting a horrible messy divorce. i also hope that eric-danielle are the first to be eliminated for stealing the season 9 space away from b.j. and tyler.

who the hell cares about eric and danielle? nobody, that's who!

i'm still sooo mad i won't get to see the hippies again. pwhwpt! i spit on you CBS!