Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's cold as balls here

Sunday, I went out to run some errands and ended up retreating with nothing done and the first stages of frostbite on my ears.
Then, Monday morning, on my way to work I was walking towards the corner and I saw a guy slip, it even occured to me that I should be careful not to slip as well, and I still slipped. There were two guys walking two dogs behind me, and when I started to fall the one guy put his hand under my arm to keep me up, and while he had his attention focused on me, his friend fell flat on his ass. It was pretty funny, but it was so darn cold we didn't stay to laugh about it.

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Px said...

it's still sunny here...i hate te uk sometimes
but in saying that we're supposed to be having "the worst snowfall in years" this week with up to 6" of snow...yeah that's six whole inches...i'll believe it when i see it