Monday, February 26, 2007

My weekend in Montreal and the first bout in Quebec

Well, as some of you know, I participated in my first bout this weekend, and I'm sure you're all clamouring to know how it went. It was amazing. We didn't win, but I think the victory was in our unbelievable comeback.
In the first period we were down between 20 and 30 points. The other team were slaughtering us. And then we changed our line-ups a bit and figured out their strategy and we started to come back. We kept scoring and scoring all the way through the 2nd period. By the third period we pulled ahead and stayed ahead all the way till the last jam when the other team pulled ahead and won 91-89.
The other team played really dirty. I'm not sure how many penalties they got, but at one point, they were two players down because of major penalties. At another point they were without a jammer because their jammer was sitting out a penalty(!). Our team, only got two major penalties the whole game, one was for accumulating 4 minor penalties and the other one, I got, for excessive violence. I can't say that I really agree with the ref's call, he did see me elbowing the other team's jammer, but somehow he couldn't see that at the time she was horse-collaring me and pushing me from behind. The only saving grace was that I didn't get another penalty for swearing at him and screaming in his face, "Couldn't you fucking see that she was pushing me from behind!?!?" - I think the reason I didn't get an extra penalty might have been because he was French and didn't understand all the names I called him.
I'm sure you're all concerned that I might have been injured during the game, but I'm OK, the only injury I got was when I pinched my finger when I was tying my skates before the game, it turned black and was incredibly swollen.


core said...

nice work junkie jenny!

you rule.

core said...


holy helment, goregoregirl!

thats the shit.

Miss Ash said...

Hahah i also dig the helmet, very cute. Glad you gals had a great time, can't wait to see you in action.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Tokyo Tintin can help you with appropriate Francophone insults so you are more affective next time around!

Jennifer said...

I should have studied up on my French swearing beforehand, but I came unprepared, shame on me.
I did however communicate with the more unsupportive members of the audience via some sign language that crosses all linguistic boundaries.

Jennifer said...

Oh and the artwork on the helmet and the photo work are both Aaron originals.

meredith said...

Awesome! Come play a bout down here: I've got Gotham Girls season's tickets and even understand the rules!