Friday, March 02, 2007

Snow Day!

It's a snow day today, holy cow! Normally, when we have bad weather, the offices stay open and the people who live in the suburbs work from home (which is a euphemism for making snow men with the kids) or take their lieu time so they can take the day off. So it's pretty unusual for me to get a snow day. And considering that the subway is running fine, I thought it was pretty silly until just now when I was watching the morning news, only to see the reporter live on location outside of my building showing how the weight of the ice had knocked down a massive tree near my place and how it had just missed the power lines.
I think I'll stay home and play computer games all day. I was tired when I got up, but then when I realized I had the whole day off, I suddenly didn't feel like going back to bed.


Miss Ash said...

Man, i went home early yesterday and i was hoping for a snow day today, however all the schools are open, which means my agency is open. Damn!!

Did you ever play that Mystery Case Files game?

Anonymous said...

What will the stickler do? Must be traumatic with no one to prey upon.