Tuesday, May 01, 2007

There are some crazy bastards out there!

Sometimes when you live in a city you have encounters that leave you wondering if you've been caught by some kind of hidden camera shows, here's one such tale of something that happened to me earlier this evening....
I have a friend staying with me this week. And tonight I decided to stay home and get to bed early so he went out with some of his other Toronto friends. When he was leaving to meet his crew, I decided to walk him as far as the corner store and get some milk and pop for my evening in.
We had a nice chat as far as the corner, we stopped and hugged, and then I turned to go to the store and he kept going straight. As I was walking away from my friend this older, probably gay, guy in a suit walked out of his way and into my path to lean towards me and said, "No offense, but I don't have any spare change." And walked off. I raised my eyebrows and looked at the only other person within earshot and asked what he thought that was all about. He just looked kind of confused and shrugged.
Did the guy think I was homeless? I wasn't wearing the nicest outfit I've ever left the house in... my gym clothes and a jacket over top. But anyone who has ever read my other blog should know that my gym clothes couldn't be ratty, they don't really get a lot of use. I've been mistaken for a hooker a couple of times, but a panhandler? I usually assume when a john tries to buy my services as I walk over to friends' houses in a bulky winter coat, long pants and flat shoes (or some other similarly unprovocative outfit), that he must assume that any woman walking in a neighbourhood known for the sex trade must be a hooker. I don't know what to think about this guy and his change comment. Even if he did think I was panhandling, as I walked
towards a store not making eye contact with people, have you ever gone out of your way to tell a panhandler that you didn't have any spare change when they didn't ask you for any? I sure haven't.
The only possible reason I can think of for this guy accosting me was that (since I
didn't have any pockets in my exercise clothes) I had my house-keys on one of thosepasscard -holder/necklace-thingies around my neck and they were jingling a bit as I walked. Maybe it sounded like change to him? I dunno. Thoughts? Anyone?


Miss Ash said...

That's very bizzare indeed & rather funny. I would have poked the man as he was walking away and asked why he thought you were panhandling.

tokyo tintin said...

Were you wearing your "I'm homeless — give me your change!" t-shirt? That often confuses people you know.

Katie said...

Sorry, but that's hilarious - that story just made my afternoon.

Miss Ash said...

Did you have your umbrella with you?? The broken one? The one that Dan said makes you look mildy homeless.