Monday, July 16, 2007

Best fight so far...

I missed a game in Hamilton last weekend, and I am so bummed about it. The worst part is that I missed the best fight that Ontario derby has seen yet.
The Steeltown Tank Girls (Hamilton) were playing the all-star team from the Queen City Rollergirls (Buffalo). One of the Queen City girls came up behind one of the Hamilton girls and launched off her toe-stops and pushed her from behind, the Hamilton girl went head first into the boards, and got up and took the Queen City girl on.


core said...

Vizzini: Finish him. Finish him, your way.

Fezzik: Oh good, my way. Thank you

Vizzini... what's my way?

Vizzini: Pick up one of those rocks, get behind a boulder, in a few minutes the man in black will come running around the bend, the minute his head is in view, hit it with the rock.

Fezzik: My way's not very sportsman-like.

Miss Ash said...

Well done!! How come you missed it?

Jennifer said...

Core, that had me howling. Love it!
Ash, I was at Quiz night in high park. I was intending to go to that game, I'm super bummed I missed it. 07/07/07 was maybe the busiest day my social calendar has ever seen.

yrautca said...

scary canadians.

Jennifer said...

Actually Yrautca,
there had never been an all-out fight in Ontario rollerderby before. That is, before they played Buffalo and the Buffalo player pushed a Hamilton player from behind head-first into the boards.
So I think it's the Americans who are the scary bunch. Needless to say, I'll be a little reluctant to play anyone from New York State in the future.