Wednesday, July 18, 2007

City life can be a kooky experience....

On my way home last night, I noticed a police cruiser on my street, a few buildings away from my own. I didn't wonder too much about what was going on (since this is a common occurance) until I got closer and saw a whole bunch of police tape and the super of the building hosing blood off the sidewalk. I have a friend/acquaintance who lives in this building, so I emailed him to see if he'd heard what was going on, and his response was so hilarious that I just had to post it here word for word.

I wrote:
"What the heck happened outside your place last night? There was police tape all over and someone was out front washing away blood when I was on my way home!"

He wrote:
"It's a pleasure living there, obviously. Thing is, I'm not sure what happened last night.
On the way in last night I saw the police cruisers, the cops, the blood stains, the blown-out panels of glass from one of the front doors, a bun (?), and what I think was a bottle of piss, but, you know, nothing that clued me in to what had gone on.
And that's a bummer since I'm sure the story's pretty wild.
I'll let you know more when I know more."

I'm still giggling. Wacky wackiness.


Miss Ash said...

Nice hahaha!! Perhaps you'll read about in the paper. A bun and a bottle of piss eh.

Perhaps someone smashed their fist through the glass trying to grab at the bun and piss .. you know to eat and drink. EWE!!

yrautca said...

scary canadians.