Wednesday, July 04, 2007

One of those days

-two buses closed their doors and drove away from me this morning as I
was running towards them trying to get on on my way to work
-mid-morning I decided to go to the coffee shop across
the street for a muffin and a tea. I went to the bank machine to get
some cash, as I had nothing in my wallet, only to discover that no
money at all was available in my account
-I abandoned the muffin-run
to go back and find out where all my money had gone only to find that
my landlord took more than twice the amount of my rent out of my
account and overdrew it by 500 dollars
-I called the landlord to say WTF
and they were completely indifferent and told me to write a letter and
drop it off to them so they could decide what to do about it and the
soonest I could get my money back was in two weeks (what do I do for
cash between now and then? *have you ever been shrugged at over the
phone before? now I have)
-I called my bank, they were much more
sympathetic, but I'm still looking at some pretty hefty bank fees that
I'll have to try to reclaim from the landlord after this whole thing
gets resolved
-I went to the walk-in clinic after work to try to get
someone to get to the bottom of why I have an itchy rash all over my
poor little body, waited for hours, finally got a prescription for a
medication that I could have bought over the counter
-went late to practice, pulled my groin
get my skates off after practice, because of the knot I tied in the
laces and because I couldn't lift my leg with the pain in my groin,
decided to cut the laces, only to find that the scissors I thought were
in my bag got taken out over the weekend
-went to the pharmacy to
pick up my prescription only to find that I might be allergic to the
medication and that the pharmacy didn't have it anyway
-I am now going to try to go to sleep and hopefully tomorrow won't suck so much


Miss Ash said...

Chocolate....lots of chocolate is the remedy for all of lifes woes!!

Jennifer said...

Well, then it's no coincidence that I'm eating one of those 100 cal Aero bars right now.

Jessica said...

Muffin! I wasn't sympathetic enough about your groin!
Po' thing!