Thursday, August 09, 2007

101 things in 1001 days

I saw an example of this blogging exercise on Jessica's blog a few weeks ago and decided to do it myself. The idea is that you pick 101 goals to complete in 1001 days, which is a little under 3 years. At the end of this time, you donate 10$ to charity for every task that remains undone. I haven't settled on a single charity, but have a couple in mind as beneficiaries for my laziness. I've also added a couple of asterisks for ones that I'm going to consider more of a lifetime goal, no penalty for not completing them in 1001 days, but bonus if I do. Actually, this list kind of reminds me of that show My Name is Earl.

1. Buy property *
2. Get an RRSP
3. Do 50 situps and 50 pushups every day for 50 days (0/50)
4. Start using my bike
5. Bring lunch to work every day for a week
6. Get permanent job
7. Acheive BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 (0/50)
8. Pay off credit card debt (0/9)
9. Secret task *
10. Save 3 months rent/mortgage (0/3)
11. Run a 5K
12. Run a 10 K
13. Run a half marathon
14. Run a whole marathon
15. Get a really awesome pair of jeans
16. Get a comfortable reading chair
17. Floss every day for 90 days (0/90)
18. Find/buy a bathing suit I feel comfortable wearing in public
19. Visit Dan-boy in Paris and Sly in London
20. Visit the Maldives *
21. Go on a safari in Africa *
22. Get a new computer, possibly a laptop
23. Get a new palm pilot
24. Organize my digital photos
25. Get a fireproof box for pictures and documents
26. Try snowboarding
27. Learn to download music
28. Download and complete language tapes for 5 languages (0/5)
29. Learn how to use photoshop and make a photoshopped image worthy of hanging on my wall/using in a card
30. Frame and hang at least 15 photos in my apartment (0/15)
31. See the northern lights
32. Graduate
33. Get a facial
34. Take an art class, photography or pottery
35. Reorganize/purge closet
36. Develop old film rolls that are lying around
37. Get a Tetley tea pot with my saved UPCs
38. Donate blood
39. Have a set of indoor wheels and bearings and a set of outdoor wheels and bearings
40. Get a proper skate tool and a toe guard for skates and new elbow pads (0/3)
41. Get a crown on my right lower molar
42. Put together a cookbook with my favourite recipes
43. Change banks
44. Make/print photo albums for all major trips in the last 5 years
45. Visit remaining 2 continents (0/2) *
78. Get a Glamour Shots portrait done - can you still do that? (with Jessica)


Jennifer said...

I started small with #5. Bring lunch to work every day for a week, but I'm into it now, I've already got a head start of a few others.

Miss Ash said...

Ummm how come it goes from 45 to 78??

Great idea though, always good to work towards goals. And I think I know where you can buy a bathing suit that you would be comfortable in:

Jennifer said...

#78 in my list is identical to #78 in my fellow blogger Jessica's list, if we can find a place that does them, then we might go together.
Thanks for your helpful suggestion on #18, now if you could just help me out with #8, we'd be all set.

Miss Ash said...

Would consolidating your bills help?

Otherwise a parttime job until the debt is paid off.....

Jennifer said...

Ummm yeah, I wasn't really asking for your advice....

Jessica said...

Dude! I am excited by your list! So excited that I can't even remember what I was going to write here!

Also, I double-checked my HTML tags for strikethrough, and they're just as I said... although I can't write them here or I get an error message saying that my HTML cannot be accepted.


Tokyo Tintin said...

Great idea! I'm going to steal it.

Jennifer said...

Jessica, I think the strikethrough isn't working for me maybe because I made the stuff on the side a list format and maybe you made yours a text box or something else? I dunno, I'll keep trying.
TT, please steal it, I think yours would be a list of terribly exciting goals, and then I could steal some of your goals to get myself from 45 to 101. Although since you're heading for a big life change in the next two months, you should leave some slots open to add stuff after you get to Paris.
Also I think little Miss Ashley should do one too. She would probably end up donating about 900 dollars to charity, but maybe she and I could do some joint goals. Ash we went skiing together last winter, wanna go snowboarding this winter?

sly said...

#19 all the way! yes!

Jennifer said...

Sly, I thought you'd like that one. Any dates that are good for you? Any significant happenings coming up I should be there for? Let me know so I can plan.

Miss Ash said...

Yeah i'll try snowboarding...and yes i'll steal this idea :)