Monday, November 19, 2007

Dear Japan, I hate you, signed Jennifer

Japanese Whale Hunt: A Japanese fleet left for the Antarctic Ocean yesterday with the intention of killing more than 1,000 whales, including 50 of the endangered humpback whales protected by an international moratorium since 1963. Japan argues that whaling provides value material for research into whale stocks, and that whale populations are at sustainable levels. Hideki Moronuki, whaling chief at the Japan Fisheries Agency, said humpback whales in our research are rapidly recovering Junichi Sato, spokesman for Greenpeace Japan, said "this is not about research," and charged that most of the whale meat will end up in Japanese pubs and supermarkets


Capt. Jack Sparrow said...

Thanks for posting a blog entry in defense of the whales. It's reassuring to see other bloggers posting about the whales' plight, and offering a forum for others to discuss the issue online.

If you'd like to learn more about Greenpeace's efforts to save the whales, or if you'd like to donate to my Whale Defender/Great Whale Trail page that I set up to help fundraise for the whales, please cut and paste the whole link below (two lines) into your browser.

-Capt. Jack Sparrow

Miss Ash said...

Japan is dead to me until further notice!

Jennifer said...

I already made the Japan Whaling Association dead to me. Is there a category beyond dead to me? This just makes my blood boil!

Jessica said...

I'm so mad, I'm not even going to listen to Gwen Stefani anymore!

Tokyo Tintin said...


Why? Why? Why?

Japanese people don't even want to eat whale meat anymore. (Here)