Monday, February 11, 2008

A big weekend of not doing what I said I would

Clearly the fear of God doesn't move me too much, it hasn't made me give up sleeping in on Sundays, eating meat on Good Friday, being mean, and the list goes on (I won't mention some of the bigger sins because sensitive eyes might be reading, but you get the idea)... well here's another one to add to the list! I started this Lent-themed-super-goal-crossing-off-extravaganza with a bang and then it all started to peter out. I lost my resolve, I did't run at all on the weekend, and I didn't floss!
Then I got an email today with a training schedule for a 10K run I'm doing in May and I almost had a heart attack just reading the thing. No frickin' way I can do all that training! On the other hand, if I do that training schedule (and floss while I run), all my goals will be done. I think I need a buddy for this training or something.
And Bill, you'll be happy to know that I haven't let #47 go, and that I have continued to make great strides at clearing my boxes out. Turns out my fear of my mother is a much greater motivator than my fear of God. Perhaps if her present career doesn't work out she should consider becoming a fitness trainer, the kind who rides along beside you in a golf cart.

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Princess Pessimism said...

email me the training schedule!! im interested in taking a look at it!!