Thursday, August 13, 2009

So so very very angry over $40.17

I got home from my trip to Europe a few weeks ago and got my credit card bill, only to see that I was charged $40.17 for a phone call that lasted less than 5 minutes. I called my credit card and the customer service rep I spoke to said not in so many words that she sees people upset about this particular company's charges all the time. Seriously, I once called a friend on a cell phone in rural Togo and only got charged a dollar a minute. Even if I had used the whole 5 minutes I was charged for, the cost would have been 8.34$ a minute!

The company is International Satellite Communications and they're in San Ysidro,CA, so essentially, they're in Tijuana - and they charge credit cards for payphone calls in Spain... don't you just loooove globalization?!

Anyway, I'm furious. I kind of disliked Spain to begin with, it was hot, it smelled bad, the people we dealt with were rude and/or shady, the only nice Spanish speakers we met there turned out to be from South America.

I rarely travel anywhere that I don't find anything to like about a place... but I actually can't think of much that was good about Spain.

Well, it was kind of fun watching the pickpockets and hookers plying their trade on Las Ramblas.... but that's a bit of a stretch as a good quality about a place, isn't it?

I won't even bother getting into my frustration with the ridiculous service charges the landlord for the flat we rented levied on us. But at least I had the option to walk away from that shady deal because it was face to face. I never agreed to pay this amount for that phone call, and I'm going to have to pay it whether I like it or not.

I'm so fucking angry right now!!!


Jennifer said...

Further research reveals that this company has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau, and get this, Visa can revoke this company's licence, but hasn't done it despite numerous complaints from their customers.

Katie said...

Wow. They have a good scam going on and it's odd that nothing has been done about it yet.

Miss Ash said...

You should cancel your Visa and tell them it's because they refuse to terminate their licence with the shiesters.

Jennifer said...

That is EXACTLY what I did. I also phoned Visa's head office.