Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The bi-weekly verbal bitchslap

Time for your bi-weekly verbal bitchslap Jennifer!
So the boss comes to my desk just now and asks what I've been doing lately, so I tell her a huge long list of things that are pretty important projects. And then she goes into this tirade about how I was supposed to do some bullshit list of key performance indicators so they can evaluate my job. First, this is not a priority, second what the hell is the bosses job if not to gauge my performance herself.
So I asked her if she wanted me to do it before or after the big important projects I had on the go, she says after and scuttles off back to her desk.
I don't like to be childish, but I'm not the only one saying this. My bosses job ended about six weeks ago when the woman she was replacing came back from maternity leave, now she just rattles around the office yanking people's chains.
Since I'm leaving anyway, and probably burning some bridges in the process maybe I'll experiment with some tough guy tactics to keep myself sane. It could be fun, it could get me canned, either way I'm leaving.


Princess Pessimism said...

Screw them.....Why do you have to fill out yur OWN job evaluation anyway?? If life was really like that, then i'd make myself out to sound really great.

BEsides, she isnt really your supervior if the girl she was replacing came back then is she. I'ld tell her to shove it, but then again...that's just me. LOL....

The HNT post that I put up today makes me want to go to the AGO on my b-day.....

Miss Ash said...

What is wrong with these people?? I think you should use some tough guy tactics...why not, you really have nothing to lose. In all honesty if they are being such asses to begin with, what type of reference would they be giving you anyway....

Princess Pessimism said...

she makes a GOOD point Jenny!!!

Px said...

i used to be evaluated using KPI's as well, and being a manager i had to use them to evaluate the people i was in charge of
they are such a bad way of doing things
KPI's are only relevent if they have been set up correctly...they lifeguards i used to have to evaluate had KPI's which were too vague and therefore pointless
i'm with PP about telling your boss to shove it

Jennifer said...

You are right guys, that's the main reason why I'm looking for another job. You can gloss over 4 months on a resume and just use your old (excellent) references, but you can't gloss over a year. So I'll be out of here relatively soon.
Firstly, does anyone know of any good employers who are hiring?
I think I'm done with office work for a while.

Jennifer said...

Hey PX,
I can only think of one good KPI for a life guard can you guess what it is?
Hee hee, just kidding.
Mine are so ridiculous, they depend on things being error free. But I put out pubications where I get things that are hand written and I have to put them in a format and have them checked and then printed. So really, if I can't read someone's writing, is that an error? If I get the stuff checked and they find a problem - is that an error? It didn't get published. That's what proofing is for. And if an error does get into a publication, after it was proofed by an expert, does that mean it's my fault?
And that example was for the KPI I consider the best of the lot.

Px said...

my lifeguards had been given
"attend regular training" and "make sure everything is clean" my argument was that a) these were too vague and b) they were part of the normal job role anyway...stupid people