Thursday, October 13, 2005

I see dead people

So we went to the Louvre yesterday. Man oh man, there was too much damn stuff in that museum. You could take 9 months and not see every piece. Richard and Chris went too and they talked about seeing stuff we didn't even know was there, and vice versa. We could have gone to two totally different museums for all we saw in common. Being in Louis the whatever's throne room full of Egyptian artifacts was cool. The Mona Lisa has been moved to a much larger room and there's a lady there to keep you from staring at it for too long. In the Roman and Greek area, I kept seeing statues of this guy Inconnu, everywhere and it even crossed my mind to wonder how come I'd never heard of him, until I realized that it's because I'm an idiot. So we gave up on that and went to Cite de Science et Industrie. They had some neat stuff and some of their exhibits were in English and some of their exhibits made me realize why it's better to visit art museums when in foreign countries.
We ate crepes, actually, I had them at three different places. Yes I'm hooked, I'm going to have to go to crepe rehab when we get home. And yes Corin, I had a Nutella crepe, and yes it was the best.
So today we blew off Versailles to go to the Catacombes. According to the guidebook they check your bag for bones on the way out, but here's my question, do they check your bag for bones on the way in?


remmaps said...

Natalee "Natalee Holloway" Holloway

Beth "Beth Twitty" Twitty

Princess Pessimism said...

mmm...nutella crepes. I make those at home, although i'm certain they arent as yummy