Monday, October 10, 2005

Look for my bones in the line-up for the Mona Lisa

Well guys, no matter what Katie says about Togolese food, I went to the Togolese restaurant in Montmartre tonight and it was tasty. And, Dan, I ate foufou, very tasty, and made of manioc!
Paris is tres belle. You know, most of the time when you visit a city that's known for being beautiful, there's one or a few nice neigbourhoods and the rest is ugly generic crap. Not so with Paris, it looks like the background to the movie Amelie, the whole way through. This afternoon we walked from our apartment in the Latin quarter over to the Pantheon and then to the Seine and walked along the left bank admiring Notre Dame. Then we took the Metro to Montmartre for dinner. We spent half an hour trying to find the place with the crappy free tourist map and asking for directions, and when we found the restaurant I opened the guide book and noticed that it was even marked on one of the maps in there. Oh well, asking for directions is a great way to meet the locals!
Tomorrow we are going to embark on a museum visiting frenzy. We saw the outside of the Louvre today on the way in from the airport, it's huge, I'm afraid if I go in there I'll never come back out again. If you guys don't hear from me any more after this, tell them to search the Louvre for my bones.

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