Thursday, November 17, 2005

Happy Day

I know we've all been really morose for the last while, myself included, I just thought you'd all like to know that everything went my way today.

-I went to the dentist and was afraid it would cost a fortune, but my insurance covered all but 10 bucks.

-Then I went to the bank to close my savings account which you have to go to the home branch to close, and I haven't been available to go to my home branch during business hours for ages and ages, so it's just been empty and building up service charges. Anyway, I went in there with a negative balance of 14$ and the lady told me I'd have to pay it off before closing it, I explained the situation to her and she didn't make me pay it, just closed it out with no arguments.
-Then I went to my class, "the anthropology of social movements" (the prof is wordy and loves theory, and uses the term 'discourse' as soon as I hear that word my eyes glaze over). So the class not my cup of tea. But we get the exam back today and I got a B.
-Then I watch survivor, and the guy who pisses me off is unexpectedly voted off,
-and my survivor watching buddy made a big tasty meal
-and then I come home to find the boyf made pizza from scratch and saved me some.
I know this might seem like small potatoes, but when stuff goes your way you've got to celebrate.
In other good news, I went to see Bodyworlds 2 this week. For those of you who don't know about this, it's a show where they took corpses and 'plastinated' them with silicone rubber and other ingredients so that they would be preserved and displayed in various artistic ways. Click the title of the blog for more info. Anyway, it was expensive but awesome. There was even a touch table where you could fondle the livers and kidneys of the dead. Gross! And cool! There was a really neat display on obesity where they had a section of an obese guy and a regular guy side by side and they pointed out all the damage done to the obese guy from being fat. I know obesity is really hard on the system, but I had to point out that obviously, whatever lifestyle the other guy was leading obviously wasn't working for him either, since they were both dead. When I said it, the friend I went with just glared at me. Of course she also didn't like it too much when we were looking at every single other display and I said in a really loud stage whisper, I think it's a guy and pointed at the preserved wang. I know I was shooting myself in the foot because no one wants to go to the museum with me to begin with, but it was too funny to pass up.


paul said...

if you ever get anyone else to go with you, bring a tape measure and push that joke as far as you can go!


Jennifer said...

Oh Paul, that's why I like you, you have even less respect for the dead than I do!

meredith said...

I'm still mad squirmish and wary about this exploitative use of executed political prisoners. That said - as long as you're there, penis jokes are funny!

paul said...

ditto to meredith's post. I wouldn't set foot near this exhibition. but if you're going to go, then at least bring a sense of humour.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, they have a big display about how to donate your body and how it's all voluntary, and I think I heard that it was a shady knock-off display that was using convicts.
But that's all neither here nor there.
I'd probably still have gone. My ethics record on this kind of stuff is already spotty having taken Physical Anthro at U of T. Their skeleton collection is all purchased from Hindus in India in the 70s. My understanding is that if they aren't cremated they can't do whatever it is that you do after you die. So if you sell Aunt Flo's corpse to some shady university for their teaching collection, she spends her life in eternal limbo. I dealt with the skeletons of people in eternal limbo on a daily basis for a few years. In case any of you are looking for a cause, I understand U of T is looking for a new source for skeletons, since the present collection is getting kind of banged up. India has outlawed the buying and selling of the dead, so I think they are looking at South America.

Miss Ash said...

Tara is still pestering me to go....I will bring a tape measure and she will be mortified :)

How much was it anyway?

Jennifer said...

25 bones

jane said...

Way to have a great day! That's fantastic.

Meanwhile, I was all set to see Harry Potter today (I'm even wearing my Harry Potter t-shirt) but I'm sick as a dog.

If I die from this particular cold, I'll donate my corpse to travelling corpse exhibits. There, I've helped to do my part.

PS - my word verification thing is "lcfir", which is very close to LUCIFER, don't you think?!?!?

Princess Pessimism said...

I would have laughed at your "Wang" comment and probably added an inappropriate comment or two that would have had us both in a fit of giggles.

I'm glad things seem to be turning around for you......Pass some of your luck around this way.

Word Verification:grabit. LOL, it's NEVER been words before for me. This is an Unhinged Princess FIRST!

paul said...

qlwng! it's like the door of a car aspired to by boys at st mike's!

sly said...

if i had been there, and you said "i think it's a guy" and actually used the word "wang", i would have laughed so hard i would have fallen over.

it was pure hilarity just reading it. wang! good god! and there it would have been, in all it's glory! and you would have used that voice you use when you're about to say something silly! oh man!

(is this really that funny or am i just jetlagged?)

no, corin thinks it's funny. it's definitely funny.

paul said...

you'll be glad to know that has us covered for this one:

1. Wang

a) A very common Chinese surname
b) An ancient brand of computer systems
b) Penis, see dong, schlong, dork, johnson, cock, prick, dickAd placed in the papers by a computer seller in the 80's:
Source: Hugh G Rection, Sep 16, 2003

Px said...

lol wang used to be the sponsors of my local soccer team...

sounds cool though, there are too many cool things in canada for me not to go some day...but alas it's all about the money

should the dead guy with the schlong have been proud of himself or was it more of a "schlort"

Princess Pessimism said...

I'd Also like to point out the hilarity of jennifer in this very comment section.

When asked how much it was, she responded 25 bones....THATS funny. Get it...Body exhibit...bones???

Well, I thought it was funny, and I didnt want your Wit to go unnoticed jennifer.