Saturday, November 12, 2005

What does persecution mean exactly?

If Jeremy Hinzman goes back to the US, what do the refugee board think is going to happen to him? Red carpet treatment?
I don't know if I want a huge influx of American soldiers claiming refugee status in Canada, but if not avoiding an illegal and immoral war, what else is the refugee system for?


paul said...

you deleted my post?!?

censorship! censorship!!!


Jennifer said...

Sorry Paul,
It got lost in my efforts to keep people from advertising on my blog. I put the word recognition thing back up. It's one thing that people were adverising on my most recent posts, but they were also advertising in my old ones, so that I couldn't find them to go and erase them. Thus, word recognition, sorry if everyone hates it, but blame the spammers. Actually, we should track those spammers down and spam them!
Actually, I wish that we could just have it so that the regulars could post whatever without needing to verify anything, and any unknown posters would have to do word verification. That would be best, but I don't know how to set it up that way. Because, I think it's pretty silly that they make me do it, as if I'd spam my own blog.

paul said...

well I just think you're persecuting me.


Jennifer said...

At least I'm not trying to send you to Iraq.

paul said...


Princess Pessimism said...

LOL @ paul screaming censorship censorship! Too funny!!!

paul said...

I don't see what's so funny.