Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Two in the doghouse makes company, I'm not sure yet if three's a crowd

The *only* nice person in the office tells me that she figures she's getting canned on Friday afternoon, after making two minor errors in a row. She does the advertising stuff, and this week she put an ad in the Star on Saturday that had the address of one of our sales slightly wrong - it the number in the address was off by one digit. For all the people who attended the sale, we only got one phone call from a guy who couldn't find the auction. The correct address was on our website and our brochure and I was there to direct people the right way on the phone all day. Unfortunately, that one guy who called to say he had problems finding the place was a huge asshole, to me and everyone else, and he walked into the auction and started yelling at some of our staff about how was he supposed to find the place if our ad had the wrong address. Like we were trying to hide the sale from him, like it was a big secret club that we were trying to keep him out of, instead of a public sale!
Anyway so everyone ended up noticing the mistake because of that.
I told her at lunch today that if she gets fired, I want her to pull a Jerry McGuire and give a huge speech to the office ending with, "Who's with me?" And I said, I'd get up and quit with her, in fact I promised I'd quit with her! I don't know if she'll be canned, and I don't know if she'll make a scene, but if she does ... that would be such an excellent, dramatic, way to go! Even if I do have to be the Renee Zellweger character!


meredith said...

YES! You should totally do it! What are you going to wear? (I've already got my see-you-later-suckers outfit ready to roll for the 30th) These people really suck.

Miss Ash said...

That my dear would be fabulous and you could go out in style .... great story to tell as well it would be quite a memorable moment for all the assholes there :)

Px said...

don't forget to liberate the fish too

Jennifer said...

PX, I was trying to remember if it was a plant or what, thanks!
Ash, I bet people quit and flounce out of here all the time. Two have left already in the 4 months I've been here - although, not dramatically.

Princess Pessimism said...

Its SO funny that you mentioned jerry maguire. I dreamt that Rene Zellweger was on Jeopardy, and she was actinglike such an idiot, and even got a jerry maguire question wrong, that alex made her apologize to the audience and the other 2 contestants.