Wednesday, November 02, 2005

So is it a full moon or something?

Lately, the CFO of the company has decided to be super nice to me. He's smiling at me all the time, our phone conversations are verging on baby talk from his end of the phone.
This is a guy who never smiles at anyone. He's so serious and business like the rest of the time. I hear the meetings he gives in the boardroom, no one ever laughs about anything in his meetings. I had actually wondered whether he was a robot.
So, I'm forming a theory to explain this bizarre phenomenon - do you remember that part in the movie Heathers in the cafeteria where they give the fat nerdy girl, Martha Dumptruck, a fake love note from one of the guys on the football team? Then she goes over to ask him about it and he laughs his ass off at her. Maybe someone is playing a joke on my CFO. Either way, it's very odd. It's not just today either, he was being really really nice yesterday too.
I put this to one of my guy friends and he says that the guy has probably realized that they pushed their luck with me at work, maybe noticed me working on my resume and decided to stop being a jerk so I don't quit. But if that's the case, then the CFO is the only one who knows, because everyone else here is, business as usual, being a jerk.


Princess Pessimism said...

Maybe he got laid last night...5 times. LOL

Jennifer said...

That would explain his behaviour - if he was getting laid by me! Since I'm pretty sure I was home last night studying for my mid-term and not out boinking the CFO! Bleh!

Anonymous said...

While it may not be a full moon perhaps Viagara explains it. Then what explains the half naked young man dancing in the middle of traffic at noon at Yonge and Bloor wearing little more than a Santa hat and wishing everyone Merry Christmas.