Tuesday, November 01, 2005

How 'bout that Gomery report

Yeah, I was late coming back from lunch because I stuck around to watch Paul Martin's speech at 1pm, but don't tell anyone I work with that that's why I was late.
Do you think that Paul Martin made a deal with Gomery to spread the blame around to everyone but him? Do you think there was any suspense around the Martin household when they were waiting for the report to be delivered?
Perhaps I'm a bit cynical, but I somehow doubt that Paul Martin needed to see the bound copy to know what he was going to find.
The real question for today is why everyone chose the tie colour they did. Jack Layton was wearing a lovey shade of dark pinky purple with stripes, but it clashed with his poppy. I think it's forgivable for Jack to wear a pink tie though, pink is the lovely colour of his lovely politics. In Jack's case, the poppy and not the tie was what was dragging his outfit down. Paul Martin was wearing a very dark red coloured tie. It seemed to me that on a day when so much media attention was going to be focused on him, that he would choose a tie colour that would set off his poppy, a bold tie colour, maybe something that would match the poppy, like a nice bright liberal red. I'd have thought it was the natural choice. Could it be that Paul Martin wanted to disassociate himself from liberal colours? Don't want to look too much like Jean? Is that it Paul. Well, I suppose that that's completely understandable under the circumstances. I don't remember what tie colour Stephen Harper had on, I was to mesmerised by his dead, ferret-looking eyes to notice his tie. That guy scares me.


paul said...

particularly good one this time: oywnzgdm

anyhoo, I suspect you're spot on there jenny. the bright flipped-the-mouse-upside-down red of the liberal party is over. they've been moving to deeper colours (cf. the ontario liberal 2003 almost-purple) of red for a couple of years now. what his tie was is not likely a colour they'll use, it looks to me (in the grainy cbc.ca photo) like it's a conservative burgundy colour, not right for a campaign choice.

but...look at his whole presentation. now correct me if I'm wrong, but the photo I'm seeing is presenting an interesting image. I haven't seen a shot of harper yet, but I'm willing to bet he was wearing a sharp black suit with an electric blue shirt or tie, but something very ... sharp and bay street and slick. martin seems to be wearing a wool jacket, or even a tweed, a plain white shirt and a conservative burgundy with yellow crosses tie. are they trying to make him look like an academic, knowledgeable and responsible, rather than a politico?

Jennifer said...

Too true Paul, Martin's suit wasn't quite tweed, but it wasn't very sharp either.
Harper's outfit was quite sharp, black suit, white shirt and, I think a solid coloured tie, but I don't remember what colour it was.
I want to be the parliament hill wardrobe consultant! Although, maybe it would get boring after a while.
Jack looked the nicest today. Loved that pink tie, he just needs to loose the poppy.

Jennifer said...

What astute political fashion observers we are!

sly said...

i'll say! brilliant stuff!

(i love pink ties!)

paul said...

everybody needs to listen to the intro to the current all week at 8:37am on radio one. they've been having so much fun with the gomery report...today they took martin's french opening (or faked it) to yesterday's press conference and put a translator voiceover to make him say "mr chretien, I am rubber and you are glue. ... I now have an ulcer. the real legacy of the chretien administration is that I cannot eat spicy food."


meredith said...

I had never really thought about the importance of coordinating with the poppy - but it truly is a dilemma...good thing I mostly wear black. Red and black never goes wrong...