Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Just for you PX

A-Z tag
A - Age you got your first Kiss: early teens
B - Band listening to right now: I'm listening to a marketing meeting that's going on behind my desk - and - I don't really care about music
C- Crush: A-dog
D- Drink of Choice: Diet caffeine-free coke, decaf tea
E - Easiest person: Sly, and if you have a problem with that scroll back a few posts and look in the comments section
F - Favorite band at the moment: see B
G - Gummy worms or gummy bears?: alergic to dye, but i really used to like biting the heads off the bears, have you ever had gummy rats, those are good too.
H – Holiday: Paris, Japan, Bangladesh, Memphis
I - Instruments: Tenor Saxophone
J - Juice: do you know how much sugar is in juice?! mango
K - Kids: maybe, but they are so dirty
L - Longest car ride ever: Toronto to Louisville Kentucky in one day, whew! Sly was there, she remembers. The last thing that happened that night what the guy at the bar (which we didn't know turned into a strip bar at mid-night) who asked Mer if she danced, she said, "Do you dance?" He said, "guys dance on Tuesdays."
M - Major: my major is anthro and it's a major pain in the ass
N - Nicknames: jizzy jenni, 'the government', goobersmooch, why can't I have some complementary nicknames?
O - One wish: fun-filled, all expense paid, trip to Togo
P - Phobia: STDs
Q - Quote: "You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has freedom." Malcolm X, and he didn't mean freedom the way Bush means freedom.
R - Reason to smile: beating Ashley
S - Song you sang last: Don't care about music
T - Time you woke up [today]: 8:15, I had 5-6 calls before 9 am, if I'm home at hour, I'm either trying to sleep or trying to get ready to leave, don't $#%& call!
U - Unknown fact about me: you bitches know all I want you to know already
V - Vegetable you hate: Koralla, not sure how to spell it, it's like an okra, but tastes like battery acid
W - Worst thing to have happened to you: like I want to remember that...
X-rays you've had: panorex, knees, chest
Y - Yummy food: deep fried breaded anything, chocolate, shrimp, french fries, McD, Wendy's, BK, Swiss Chalet, Indian, sushi, curry buns, ketchup....
Z - Zodiac sign: Virgo


Miss Ash said...

I think you should indulge in some fried food and curry :)

Px said...

finally a post about you...rather than the news!
why jizzy jenni? jiz in the uk is not really something you wanna have as your nick-name...

Jennifer said...

You know PX, in a perfect world I'd rather if that wasn't my knickname, if jiz means ejaculate or semen in the UK then it's the same thing here.
Sly started calling me that years ago, in an effort to cultivate a certain reputation for me. It's amazing what a nickname can do for you even when all the evidence is to the contrary. Anyway, I wasn't the only one to get one of these names, Sly's is slapper and our other friend Dan is Deep-dick Dan, I think Miss Ashley's was Anal Ashley. Off-putting I know, but we really are nice people, well I am, the other three are perverts.