Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This is the rest of Canada...

Being a city kid, I've always been wary of other people. That's why everyone else in Canada thinks Toronto people are assholes. Everywhere else in Canada people are nice and helpful and they'll stop if you break down. Would I do that? No effing way!
Every time I travel in the rest of Canada I'm creeped out by how nice and friendly everyone is. Here's an example of what I'm talking about, this crazed maniac breaks down twice and is helped by people he carjacks twice.

Kindness doesn't pay for 3 Saskatchewan travellers
Last Updated Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:03:46 EST
CBC News
A 25-year-old man faces kidnapping and robbery charges after three Good Samaritans in Saskatchewan had their kindness rewarded with crime.

Police say one of the would-be roadside helpers was assaulted and had her vehicle stolen, while the other two were abducted.

Officers allege the man now facing charges stole a car in Regina on Saturday and was headed for Saskatoon when he lost control on Highway 11 in Bladworth, about 100 kilometres south of Saskatoon.

The car ended up in a ditch.

When another driver stopped to help, the man allegedly assaulted her, stole her van and headed off.

But 18 kilometres to the northeast, he lost control again near Kenaston and rolled the van.

Police allege that when a couple stopped to help, the man abducted them, forced them to drive him to Saskatoon and made them withdraw money from a bank machine.

They called police after their passenger got them to drop him off.

Police arrested a man from Regina a few hours later in connection with the crimes .

They charged him with one count of robbery, two counts of kidnapping, one count of breaching a probation order and two counts of breaching an undertaking.


Trib said...

All that unearned friendliness is a little creepy.

Jennifer said...

I have a bunch of stories about how creepily friendly the rest of Canada is. And then people from other countries come to Toronto and tell me that Torontonians are so friendly - everyone else in Canada think that we are all unfriendly jerks.

paul said...

it's also different codes of conduct on highways. sunday we stopped on the highway in the middle of nowhere to see how the gates worked in the moose fence. would I have insisted on that in toronto? no!

Jennifer said...

how do the gates work on moose fencing? and what's the point of moose fencing? share your rural wisdom, i must know!