Friday, May 19, 2006


Yeah, big surprise, I had an angry moment while we were on vacation. PP, whose personality can only be correctly described as mercurial, decided the day before we were to go to the Grand Canyon - a trip that she had been talking about for 2 years, and had been emailing me daily about for the past 2 or 3 months - that we weren't going to the Grand Canyon after all. She didn't ask, she didn't suggest, there was no, "Will you be horribly disappointed?" I'm not still angry, PP and I had a talk about it and sorted our shit out, I'm just describing the circumstances surrounding my anger.


Princess Pessimism said...

I know you were upset jenni....but i'm not the only one who changed my mind. And I would like to point out that when we were in the hotel room, I said that I would still go, and you said no. Then i asked if you wanted to go to the hoover dam, and you said no.

I realize that you were mad, but everyone else changed their mind as well....I also realize that it was me who was so hyped up about the GC, that i'm the only one you would be angry at.....but dont forget, that after all was said and done, I said that I would still said no.

Jennifer said...

Ugh, I didn't bring this up to reopen old wounds. It was just a casualty of format.
But since you want to talk about it... You were the one who wanted to go to the GC in the first place, so when you decided you didn't want to afterall, everyone else was on board because they never cared in the first place.

As for you and I going alone to the Hoover Dam or the GC after you announced your change of plans without asking me, I didn't want to pay for a rental car, and 3 dollar an ounce gas, for a day to sit in the car next to you because I was pissed.

I'm not pissed any more, if you didn't do that kind of stuff, then you wouldn't be you.
But I'd rather not readdress this on the internet, I'd rather let it lie.