Friday, May 19, 2006

The Pride, Envy and Lust Triple-header

Here's where it starts to "stay in Vegas," what I can tell you is that the last three were a triple header. It started with Pride, this occurred poolside, then came the Lust, later on in the day, and the Envy followed quickly after.
The triple header of Pride, Lust and Envy led me to ponder a theory I've been forming for a while. Becoming older and wiser is an often humbling and painful experience. One of the trends in my path towards wisdom, has been learning to be less judgmental of others. If I only could have foreseen my own downfall, in so many situations, I might have been less critical of people who encountered those pitfalls before me. Sometimes I feel like life, if you live it properly, is a process of being ground down, you start out with all sorts of rough edges, you have friction with the world, you snag on other people's rough edges, and as time goes on, if you learn from these experiences, you have less and less friction - but we all have feelings, and having your rough edges knocked off hurts sometimes. It's a necessary process tough, like a bitter medicine.


paul said...

Or, put more concisely, this being the Globe [& Mail, a - nay, the - national newspaper in Canada, for all you heathens] Thought du Jour a couple of days ago: "An intelligent man finds almost everything ridiculous, a wise man hardly anything."

-- Goethe

Jennifer said...

Oh Goeth-ey, if only you were alive today, you could tell us how to be wise and intelligent at the same time.

Speaking of ridiculous, I was walking down the street last night, minding my own business, and this odd looking man walks past me, and just as he's walking by he yells 'Bulls-eye!' right in my ear. I kind of wondered what it was all about, but then I just went about my business.

Miss Ash said...

Bulls-eye eh, i would have died laughing.