Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thank you for not mentioning the outcome of the Amazing Race!

Yes kids, I haven't watched it, I have however recorded it, and I'll be watching it this evening before I see Ash, so we can talk about how awesome it was. I saw the beginning while I was eating my oatmeal this morning, and they go to Japan! Woo! I missed Japan so much while I was watching it, I missed my best Tokyo guy too. So exciting!
Anyway, I'm warning you all, no discussion, I won't be on the internet today, I'm not looking at anyone's blog, I'm not reading the newspaper and most of all - I'm avoiding PP.
We all remember the time I had come home three quarters of the way through Survivor, decided to wait until it was finished taping and watch the whole thing from the start. I start making myself dinner, so I can sit down and eat and watch the whole show. At 9pm, just as I'm about to sit down in front of the TV, the phone rings. It's PP, she is super excited, she yells into the phone, "Did you watch Survivor tonight?" I say, "No..." and as I'm about to say, 'I taped it, I'm just sitting down to watch it.' PP yells, "Jesse got voted off!" To say I was angry would over simplify the emotion, I was dissapointed and deflated and exasperated and irritated all at the same time.
Then there was the time I vacationed in the land of the rising sun. I had set my VCR and my boyfriend to tape all my shows. The Amazing Race was ending the day I was leaving Japan, and I was really excited to watch it when I got home, I was trying to avoid any knowledge of what was going on. I even changed the home page on the computer of my host so I wouldn't accidentally see anything on the news site it was set to. Anyway, I embark on my long trip home. I get to my connection in Atlanta, can't get on the oversold flight, at this point I'm exhausted and frustrated, I sit down to lick my wounds, and wait 6 hours for the next flight, and a man sits down across from me, opens up his copy of USA Today, where it has a lifesized picture of the couple who won, with the title, "Joyce and Uchenna with the Amazing Race." Bahhh!
If anyone does this to me this time, I'll be very sore. Very sore indeed. Also, this may be the most productive day of my life, between the no news, no blogs, and limited email, I'll have nothing better to do than work - well, there's always solitaire and sudoku....


Miss Ash said...

My lips are sealed. Do let me know this evening though before i open my big mouth, if you indeed had the chance to watch it. I will most likely see you right after work so i doubt you will have had time. If we meet after the concert we can discuss then.

Princess Pessimism said...

I JUST Watched it a couple of hours ago....I was in class all night. So I had to wait to get the tape from one of the boys...But I have watched it, and know the outcome now.

Px said...

what is this amazing race thing? i've never heard of it

heh heh my word verification had byob in it :D

Jennifer said...

Hey PX,
The Amazing Race is a reality show, modeled on a treasure/scavenger hunt. Teams fly all over the world and find clues, and race to the finish, the winning team gets a million dollars. It's a good show, and you get to see Americans flailing around trying to deal with foreigners who aren't doing their laundry or yard work.

Everyone else, I have now watched the finale, it was indeed amazing.
TT, you are going to shit your pants, when you see it, that's all I'm going to say about it.